The Journey Begins

I have several old entries of Ryan’s apraxia journey captured in a personal family blog.  Therefore, I’m moving them over to this site, so our experiences/information is all in one place.  The first few posts will be labeled “ARCHIVES” until I can catch up to present day.

——————-ARCHIVED ENTRY from JUNE 2009————————

Many of you know we’ve currently been working through some potentially long term speech issues with Ryan. Therapists suggest he may have verbal apraxia, which is a neurological disorder that essentially confuses your brain when it comes to speech. Your brain knows what it wants to say, but can’t send the signals correctly to the muscles in the tongue/lips/mouth to generate the word. Therefore, much of what you hear is grunting and the tone of the word without any movement in the lips. This has nothing to do with what he can understand…it just affects his ability to easily communicate verbally. Instead of picking up language naturally, we’ll basically have to teach him how to talk word by word. Unfortunately, this can be a very long road and a potentially very frustrating one for Ryan.

We are in the early stages of this journey and are praying for the best possible outcome. They usually don’t diagnose it in this young of a child, so I am always keeping a small glimmer of hope that he doesn’t actually have it. However, we are proceeding as if he does and are working with him daily to help him overcome this hurdle.

I started thinking of Ryan today and the progress he’s made so far, and I wanted to post a few pics of my sweet, smart, funny little man. He is so full of life, personality and charm – I just can’t wait to hear what all he has to say someday…

Pretending to be Daddy sleeping in our bed.

Pretending to be Daddy sleeping in our bed - 25mos old

Ryan playing with Mommy's make-up - 25 mos

Paul was not too thrilled about the make-up situation 🙂

My sweet angel saying his prayers before dinner

And one of my favorites…I look over while making dinner – Ryan is standing at the table “talking on the phone.” The phone just happens to be a slice of canteloupe!

We love you little man. You are such a joy every single day.

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1 Response to The Journey Begins

  1. Jennifer Massanelli says:

    Haha! I love this picture of Ryan! So cute. 🙂

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