A Child’s (Hilarious) Prayer

————————-ARCHIVE  MARCH 2010——————————–

This was the scene 2 nights ago . Ryan and I were lying in his bed, face to face saying prayers:

Mommy: Thank you Lord for all the blessings…etc etc…and thanks for Mommy, Daddy, Ryan, Emma (grandparents, aunts/uncles) etc.

Ryan: Yep. Khanks.

Mommy: And we have so many special people coming to visit this week. Lord, we pray Nana has a safe trip, and Paw-Paw has a safe trip, and Gigi & Bopa have a…

Ryan (places hand on my arm to accentuate seriousness): Mommy. Hey mommy. Gon’t porget ghe Easker Buggy (don’t forget the Easter Bunny).

Mommy (trying not to laugh): Oh yes – and Lord please let the Easter Bunny have safe travels too.

Ryan (again w/the hand & seriousness): And Mommy. Gon’t porget ghe Eaker candy and ghe Eaker eggs.

Mommy: Of course – Lord please let the Easter eggs and Easter candy arrive safely also.

Mommy: And please Lord, help Ryan to be kind to his sister and Mommy and Daddy. And help Mommy and Daddy be kind to Ryan and Emma, and…

Ryan (again w/hand & seriousness): Mommy. Mommy gon’t porget ghe baby Jesus.

Mommy (finally breaking into laughter under my breath): Okay. And let us all be kind to the baby Jesus.

Mommy & Ryan (in unison): Amen.

My prayer:  Dear Lord, thank you so much for allowing Paul and I to experience this honest, sincere, hysterical time in Ryan’s life. We were terrified that, due to his apraxia, we might miss out on this special stage.  But, we’re finally getting to hear what goes on in his beautiful, funny little head. What a blessing. Thank you will never be enough…

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2 Responses to A Child’s (Hilarious) Prayer

  1. beccadt02 says:

    Thanks for posting this. It has brought tears to my eyes as I hope and pray to one day soon know what’s going in in my little guy’s head too. He’s 29 months and we just got the official diagnosis. It is so refreshing to hear a story of success and a mom who got those prayers answered. Thanks for takIngrid the time to share. i

    • svraciu says:

      Oh I’m so glad you found the blog and feel hope. I know how heartbreaking it is to know all of those special words and funny age/stage phrases are trapped inside of your precious son. I vividly remember those feelings and even now, 4 years later, it brings tears to my eyes too. Re-reading my own words, and now reading yours too. Hang in there Momma! I am sitting down as we speak getting ready to update the website with new footage of Ryan talking now at 6 yrs old so check back in a week or so to see the progress. And feel free to connect with me any time if you have questions or need to vent.

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