New Video Footage

I wanted to post an update letting you know I’ve got new footage of Ryan posted in the before/after section.  I just watched the footage taken a few weeks ago compared to the footage from when he was 27mos (the first entry) . WOW – what a difference a year makes.  He is now, I’d say, 90% – 95% intelligible to strangers, which is SO wonderful.  To be able to say “where is my mommy” in a public setting, if something were to happen, was always a fear of mine.  Gone.

I am so very proud of Ryan’s accomplishments.  This process is not an easy one, and daily he works so hard to communicate and improve.  What a tough little cookie – and only 3 yrs old.  My sweet love.

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2 Responses to New Video Footage

  1. Amber says:

    Is this still an active blog? I would love to know how Ryan is doing now in 2013. My son is very similar to the older videos posted so I’m curious to see how thins turned out for you guys.

    • svraciu says:

      Hi Amber. This blog is still active in the sense that I check it and reply to everyone. I have 3 kids now and am soo busy I’ve really slacked on keeping it updated. But I’m always here. As for Ryan, he is doing phenomenal. He just started first grade, has been out of ST for 2 years now and is totally mainstream. No one has ANY idea that he ever had a problem. I remember speaking with his Kindergarten teacher last year and she was blown away by his history and where he is today. We’ll see if a gap widens now that he’s in first grade, but so far I feel like we’re doing great. That’s not to say he won’t still need some work – meaning that we’ll have to have some refresher courses with the Speech Therapist. He still doesn’t have his “r” sound, but half the kids in his class don’t so it’s not a huge deal yet. He is reading at or above grade level, has tons of buddies and is, in general, a “normal” kid. He still has some issues with eating – VERY picky and eats a limited number of foods. he still stuffs his mouth (oral apraxia too) so full of food that it is hard to watch him eat, but all MAJOR issues have been resolved. I JUST tonight got new video footage of him because several people have asked to see updates. I think I’ll be able to find time over this weekend to post new footage to show how he’s evolved. Stay tuned!

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