Finally updated video footage

Just wanted to post that I’ve finally added a few more recent videos of Ryan’s progress.  The last two videos on the “Before/After” page are ready for viewing!  The most recent footage was taken last night.  Ryan is now 6 years old, in first grade and doing wonderful.  We haven’t had speech therapy in almost 2 years, although we’ll probably need to go back this summer to work on his “r” sound.  Fortunately, many kids in his class still don’t have that sound fully, so it’s nothing that sets him apart.

I want to be clear that although we feel great about where Ryan is at and have no real worries for his future, there are still some small issues that we wonder about.  Motor skills in sports – he plays soccer and other various sports, but it doesn’t seem natural for him.  Is it just a kid whose not athletic? Or a motor planning issue? We’re not sure and we often wonder.  But for now, he’s participating and having fun.  As well, we often wonder about ADHD.  Again, is it a sensory processing situation or just ADHD or just a quirky, busy little boy.  Things have never been 100% clear with Ryan and part of that is what makes his personality so special and wonderful.  I think as this year goes on we’ll learn a lot more about where he fits regarding those questions.  He’s still a picky picky eater, but we’ve made progress and he’s learned to trust that I typically know the kinds of things he will like.  So, when I encourage him to try a new food, although 90% of the time he doesn’t try it, sometimes he does and it’s one step further.

All in all Ryan is a normal 6 year old little boy and we are so proud of how far he has come.  Our kids (apraxia kids) have a work ethic that I think is unparalleled.  They have to work harder at everything and I have to believe it will pay off in many ways later in life.  Go Ryan! And “Go!” to all of the parents reading this now – your children are lucky to have you 🙂

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