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In all my hours of relentless research, one thing I could never find was what progress looked like for a young child with verbal apraxia.  Especially one who was mild/moderate.

This page provides a video journal of Ryan’s progression from around 18 mos to present so you can see what progress can look like for someone who has mild/moderate verbal apraxia and how they can evolve.   Check back often!  My goal is to update monthly, or as often as we see gains/regression.

Bear with me as I get all the footage uploaded…it takes forever for each file.

Ryan @ 18 mos:    COMING SOON.

Ryan @ 21 months:  COMING SOON

27 Months:  Starting to get desperate for ways to help.  This footage was shot days before we started fish oils.  It’s eerie to look back because, at the time, I understood all of his grunts to the point of convincing myself he had 100 words.  And he really did, I suppose, although only a SMALL handful were understandable to others.  At the time, I created a comprehensive list of his capabilities for a speech therapist we were considering, keep in mind this is my perspective on what I thought he was capable of… Click here to review.


33mos – BEFORE NUTRIIVEDA.  Between the 27mo video and this time, all we’d done was continue with PROMPT, increase fish oils from 1 to 2tsp/day, and give him a probiotic.  We saw good things from the probiotic in that his eczema wasn’t as severe and he seemed to feel a little better.  The first week on the probiotic, though, he went through a weird detox-type stage.  Awful, cranky, hyperactive, not sleeping well.  It was a BAD week.  But then he snapped out of it just as quickly.  This really gave us a clue that there was potentially something more going on than just a neurological disorder – could it perhaps be metabolically based?  Another research frenzy ensued.  And eventually, I was convinced nutrition and his body’s ability to process foods/nutrients was making an impact on his speech.  So, we decided to try Nutriiveda.  I took this footage the day BEFORE we started so we could have a good before/after.  At this point, Ryan was at his worst in regards to attitude/temperament.  Our happy, good-spirited little man was more often angry and defiant than not.  Was this the terrible 2s?  Ry’s my first child, but I couldn’t believe it could be this terrible!  He was waking nightly and several times each night – sometimes calm and other times in a fit that would last 45 min or more, almost as if he wasn’t even himself.  He had eczema that we couldn’t get rid of, he was still constipated (had been for almost a year).  He’d itch his head and rear constantly and his speech was still improving, but very slow and all over the place in regards to progress.  One week it was the best week ever, then the next it was the worst.


34mos:  2.5 Weeks After Nutriiveda – Hope is back! Are you serious?  Can it be this easy?  The first two weeks on Nutriiveda were awful, but after that it was the most incredible site we’d seen.  I reported our findings on the CHERAB messageboards and have attached them here if you’d like more specifics – see report here.   The document is a few pages long, but it’s an interesting dialogue between Lisa Geng (Pres of Cherab) and myself. You’ll see some progress in the video too, but there was SO much more.  We couldn’t believe our eyes.  My husband, the skeptic, even admitted he believed it was the NV.  I think we’re on to something folks!!  **If you want more info on NV, you can check it out and/or purchase it at .  (Should you decide to purchase, you’ll need a sponsor ID#.  Mine is 3075029 if you’d like to use it to place your order).  I’m happy to discuss our experiences with you personally as well – feel free to contact me at – I’d love to share our story!


36 mos:  3 Months After Starting Nutriiveda – Just keeps getting better!  I almost hate to post this because Ryan has a cold and his speech is a little “bumpy” as many of you say.  So it’s normally better than this. However, I had a moment and wanted to finally provide another video update since starting NV 3 mos ago. In a nutshell, we’re still progressing!!  For more specifics on the gains we’ve seen at 3 months (taken from my Cherab messageboard post) click here


39 mos:  6 Months After Starting NutriivedaSo far, things are still progressing!  Since the last video update, we decided to also try NAET treatments.  We learned, through extensive blood work, that Ryan has allergies (both IgG and IgE) to milk, wheat, and everything else out there – the usuals.  We were trying to prevent him from having to go GFCFSF and NAET is supposed to de-sensitize or remove your allergies/sensitivities.  Basically, it is a form of accupressure that is supposed to reset the energy pathways in your body so it can process food and not attack it as an allergen.  Sounds like voo doo, but given Ryan had real milk allergies, etc, we wanted to try something that wouldn’t limit his food intake (and my already less than impressive cooking abilites).  So far, we think it’s working and is a really nice compliment to the work NutriiVeda is doing for him as well.  We’ve done 15 accupressure/NAET treatments so far and after the 2nd one, which was dairy/calcium, we noticed another surge in appetite, willingness to try new foods and language/articulation.  It’s hard to know what’s what, but I am still convinced that NutriiVeda is continuing to allow Ryan to progress.  I think the NAET compliments NutriiVeda in that it’s letting his body process food easier and really letting NutriiVeda get in there and do it’s best work.  Since the last post, he can now say his “T”s and “N”s in speech therapy.  N’s are coming much easier in every day speak, and as you’ll see from the video, Ts are still really tough for him.  The nice thing is, though, if I remind him to say his T the correct way he can do it – even though he refused to correct himself in the videos (b/c it’s still really tough).  If you want more info on NAET or NutriiVeda, feel free to contact me.  To see his progress since my first video posting when he was 27mos old – WOW.  It’s only been a year and his speech/language development is quite staggering (in my opinion, but I suppose I’m a bit biased).  Couldn’t be more proud of how hard he’s worked.  In addition to his own efforts, I still credit NutriiVeda, fish oils and his spectacular PROMPT therapist with the biggest gains we’ve seen in our journey thus far.  GO RYAN GO!


45months – Almost 1 yr after starting NutriiVeda – We had just moved to Denver 2 months prior and had a hiccup in taking NutriiVeda.  We skipped a few times, but this was the first time we skipped ANYTHING and he didn’t regress?  I noticed as time went on after this video, it didn’t feel life/death critical to give him NutriiVeda every single day, although I did keep it up since it was so very healthy, his normal diet was so poor and we had seen such dramatic results.  He seems so much further along than even 6 months prior!  Fortunately we were able to find another top notch PROMPT therapist in the Denver area so I felt confident that his progress would continue.


6 1/2 yrs old

I have obviously skipped a few years between the last footage and this one, but I figured readers want to see where Ryan is today.  Ryan is now in 1st grade, completely mainstream and is doing wonderfully.  He is at or above average for his classroom and when I told his Kindergarten teacher (last year) about his journey, she was blown away.  She would’ve never imagined that Ryan had a speech issue and, aside from the fact that he can’t sit still in class, he is one of the biggest talkers she had!  Ryan is extremely social and is just a typical 6 year old little boy.  We couldn’t be happier with where he’s at today.  We were able to stop Speech Therapy when he was 4-4.5.  He still doesn’t have his “r” sound, so we plan on going back to PROMPT this summer when he’s out of school to work on that final sound.  Luckily there are plenty of other kids in his class that still can’t say their “r” sound either, so it’s not a big deal.  I have recently wondered if ADHD is a possibility, but Ryan is such a quirky little personality it’s hard for me to distinguish between him and a possible issue when it comes to his attention span/focus.  Time will tell with that, but otherwise I hope this video will give you some peace in knowing that your children can make progress with apraxia.  I realize there are varying levels of it, and I assume Ryan was moderate to mild, but it doesn’t hurt the heart any less regardless of the degree of severity.

Sorry for the long video, but I wanted you to see both his spontaneous speech and his reading. 

11 Responses to Before/After Video

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  2. Charlotte Henry says:

    That is a big improvement. We are going to try it. My son Josh has juvenile diabetes. I think the protein will help with the blood sugars and the hard time he has concentrating on his studies. Thanks for posting

    • svraciu says:

      That’s Great Charlotte. I am such a fan of the product I became a distributor under Lisa Geng – happy to help you place your order if you’d like. If not, please email or post again and let me know how it goes with Josh – I’ll be anxious to hear. Good luck!!

  3. Deb says:

    Was your son allergic to some of the ingredients in Nutriivida? My son is pretty much allergic to everything, including sugar and rice which is in the formula. We want to give it a try–he has also been diagnosed with Apraxia.

    • svraciu says:

      Hey Deb!

      Sorry I’m just now getting back to you. As far as we know, Ryan was/is not allergic to any of the ingredients in NV. If the allergy is not severe/life threatening, it might be worth giving it a go to see if your son responds to the allergy. I sell NV, but I also use it personally and for my son (obviously). So…we always have some on hand – vanilla flavor to be exact. If you’d like I’m happy to send you a small sample from my personal NV stash if you want to do an allergy trial? Or, if you want to place a one-time order, I can try to manage that with the company so you guys can get however many canisters you need. THey do offer a 30-day money back guarantee (minus shipping) so you could always implement that too.

      Either way, if you’re comfortable testing the allergic response, the product is worth a try. If you need, I can send you a copy of the ingredients list – the label on the back of the canister – if this helps. I’ve asked before what percentage of sugar/rice/etc NV has in it but the company is VERY protective of the blend of ingredients and their ratios so they wouldn’t provide that info unfortunately.

      Best of luck and let me know if there’s any way I can help!

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  5. Amber says:

    Did you continue the nutriiveda? If not, when did you stop? Ryan’s progress gives me so much hope for my 3 year old son although he seems a little worse off then Ryan was. I’m just now looking into supplements/nutrition to help him. He currently does speech through the school system 2x week but I don’t think it’s enough. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • svraciu says:

      We stopped NV about a year and a half after we started it. I had my 3rd child and we had recently moved to a new city/state and things just got off track. Most people continue using it because it is so very healthy and most of our kids don’t get what they need from their food. If Ryan would’ve had even more significant issues, I would’ve kept going, but we just got off track and he didn’t regress and I was thrilled with that. I think most of the parents who have tried NV have said it took a year or so for them to use it consistently before they could stop or back off with no regression. If I had seen regression I would’ve moved heaven and earth to get him back on it. Every body(kid) is different, but by and large people see an almost “fix” at around the year to year-and-a-half mark. It’s quite incredible. I’d seriously consider trying it and most definitely the fish oils as long as you and your doctors feel it’s okay. I know my general pediatrician wasn’t screaming from the rooftops for me to try NV, as he wasn’t familiar with it enough and I’m sure he thought I was grasping at straws (which I was at the time!) but all I wanted to know was if it would hurt Ryan if I tried. When our doc said “no there’s nothing in here that will harm Ryan” that’s all the approval I needed to proceed.

      About the speech through the school system. If it is within your budget, and/or your insurance covers it, I would recommend trying to find a private SLP (specifically trained in PROMPT if possible) and see what they say as well. If nothing more than an evaluation. Follow your gut above all. I’ve heard that a child with apraxia can need speech therapy up to 4x/week depending on the severity. Ryan only did 2x/week for Speech and 1x/week for OT (we did OT on and off), but it’s worth another discussion with someone who is VERY experienced with apraxia.

      Best of luck!

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  7. Amber says:

    I know it’s been a while since you wrote this but do you know if nutriveda is still being sold? I havent been able to find it anywhere.

    • svraciu says:

      Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. They no longer make Nutriveda, but the same formulation has been created by a very reputable group. Check out IQ’d

      When they stopped making Nutriveda (the original formulation), Lisa Geng (the founder of The Cherab Foundation and the person who discovered Nutriiveda) began producing IQed and it is based off the original NV formulation. It’s the best option you can get and those that used the original formulation confirmed that this works the same for them. Check it out and good luck!

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