Top 3 “MUST-DO’s”

Everything mentioned in this blog is something I feel has played an important role in Ryan’s progress.  However, of all the therapies and alternative treatments we tried or looked into, there are 3 that BY FAR yielded the most significant results.

Aside from reading the books and learning more about Apraxia, I’m convinced these 3 simple things should be the FIRST considerations when it comes to helping our kids achieve their best.  For us, they made all the difference in the world.

If your child is a responder to these (and the majority are), it could vastly change the amount of therapies required (speech, OT, alternative), the effort needed for special diets (GFCFSF, etc), and may even stop the worry-induced ulcer that’s started developing in your stomach.

1.  Fish oils:  Within one week of taking these we saw an immediate surge in Ryan’s ability to mimmick and communicate.  But BEWARE, all fish oils are not created equal.   Click here for background on why these are important, our experience with using them and suggestions on dosage.  You can also check out my “research/articles” page for supporting research and articles.

2.  P.R.O.M.P.T Therapy: Soon after we started fish oils, we found a wonderful PROMPT therapist in our area.  PROMPT  is a speech therapy method that yields significant results, typically in a shorter amount of time.  Many people use a mixture of PROMPT and Kaufman Therapies (and many more), but I am positive for us (and for so many other’s whom I’ve spoken with) that it was a main ingredient in Ryan’s treatment plan.  To learn more about PROMPT, how it works and how to find a therapist in your area, click here

3.  Nutriiveda:  OH MY GOODNESS – I can never say enough about this supplement.  This all-natural, whole food supplement that contains no gluten, casein, caffeine, fat or sodium and has truly changed the game for Ryan and so many others.  It’s as if Nutriiveda is unlocking these kids from their own bodies and for Ryan, I believe it’s healing him – his stomach issues and potentially so much more.  If you check nothing else out on this page, check out this product at  It will be worth your time.  If you’d like to speak to me personally about our experience with NutriiVeda, feel free to contact me at

8 Responses to Top 3 “MUST-DO’s”

  1. Eric says:

    I am from Malaysia and have a 4 years old Apraxia boy, i am so excited to see NutriiVeda helped Ryan in his speech development.

    I think i am going to give my son to try it too, you have any advise for me?


    • svraciu says:

      THanks for checking out the blog, Eric. I think it’s definitley worth a try to use Nutriiveda. It’s been such a simple, but powerful tool for Ryan (and I’m taking it too!) I’d first say give it some time. Some kids see results in a few days, but for Ryan, it seems he went through some sort of detox before we saw results. I think we saw regression and awful behavior for a little over 2 weeks until one morning he awoke and everything was better. If you take a look at the “Before/After” page of the blog, I’ve got links there to specific things we saw during his detox and improvements seen on the other side.
      Also, you can start small and work up – we had to start with giving Ryan mere teaspoons of Nutriiveda until he got used to the flavor, as he is really picky. I’d give several teaspoons spread throughout the day – whatever it took to get a full dosage in him.
      Finally, make sure to give your son lots of water to help flush out the toxins – this is a really important piece.

      I’m so passionate about what the product has done for Ryan I’ve become a distributor myself, so I’d be happy to help place your order if you need. Just let me know. If not, I’d still be happy to answer any questions you may have, parent to parent. Once you get it, feel free to email me directly with questions and I’ll do my best to help answer.

      Once you’ve tried it with your son, let me know how it goes – I’d love to post your before/after story here on my blog to give other parents hope too!

      Good luck! Can’t wait to hear back.

  2. Sara Eaton says:

    Hi there,

    We are in the process of starting our almost 4 year old daughter on this supplement. We are a little nervous but encouraged by what we have read so far. How is your little one doing now? Does he seem to continue to improve? Have you seen any side effects from the Nutriiveda?

    Thank you,
    Sara Eaton (Mommy to Mylee Grace )
    “Never Give Up”

    • svraciu says:

      Hi Sara!
      Ryan is doing fantastic. I actually have more video footage that I haven’t had a chance to post just yet – so check back in a week or so for an update. He DOES seem to continue to improve. I know NV has a lot to do with this, but his PROMPT therapy and some other minor things we’ve done have helped as well (see the page on my blog about the metabolic connection for more on that). We have not seen any negative side effects so far. Some people report that their kids get a little hyper on NV, but Ryan is a bundle of energy anyway, and we didn’t see a difference in that with the NV. For the kids that do experience hyperactivity, the recommendation is to either a) wait a little bit and see if it’s just them adapting to NV or part of the detox process, or b)reduce the dosage by half and drink more water. It seems NV is really dosage dependant for many of the kids. If the reco’d dosage is 2 scoops/day, some people find that works great for their kids, and others find that 1.5 scoops is the “sweet spot” Most kids take the reco’d dose just fine, it’s just really important to hydrate well – water allows the body to rid the toxins that NV helps to remove from the system.

      I’m happy to talk more if you have any more questions. I can say, without a doubt, NV has been an integral part of Ryan’s progress and I won’t let him go a day without it from here on out 🙂 I’ve heard that some kids do see a little regression when they remove it from their diets, but once it’s added back in they bounce back quickly. Your next question is “Well, does this mean they have to take it for life?” – and I don’t think we know the answer to that…yet. We believe it is helping “heal” them in some ways, but who knows what that means long term just yet. I do know that the company behind NV is so thrilled with what we’re all seeing with our kids that they are funding the research to figure all of this out once and for all. WOO HOO. Until then, I’m too chicken to remove NV from Ryan’s diet.

      As you can see, I’, pretty passionate about NV. So much so that I became a distributor (alonside Lisa Geng with the Cherab Foundation). Happy to help you place your order, or if you’ve purchased it elsewhere, you can still feel free to contact me “mom-to-mom” to ask questions or compare notes as things progress with Mylee Grace. So excited for you! Please let me know how things go once you’ve started it!!


  3. Amanda says:

    I am so happy to have found this website! My son is almost 3 and a half years old and is just now starting to put 2 or 3 words together. He mimics, but tends to leave the initial consonants off his words. He is getting Speech Therapy twice a week through the school district and twice a week privately as well as private O.T twice a week due to sensory processing and motor planning issues. We are all in agreement that Apraxia is what is going on with him. He has made HUGE strides considering he was non verbal a few short months ago. I feel much of his progress is due to fish oils. ( coromega and borage oil, as well as occasional vit e ) He is doing excellent in his 3 year old preschool class and is academically ahead of his peers. As his therapist has said he is highly intelligent it’s just hard for him to “get it out”. Do you feel that Nutriviida would be beneficial to him?

    • svraciu says:

      Hey Amanda.

      So sorry it’s taken me some time to get back to you. I’m glad you found the blog and think it’s helpful for you to read through. Finding blogs like these were so helpful to me during the early years of apraxia! It’s great to know that fish oils are making an impact on your little guy – we thought they made a positive impact on Ryan too – he still takes them to this day, as does our typical 2 yr old little girl, Emma.

      About NV – I can’t say enough great things about it – I think it’s definitely worth a try. The VAST majority of kids who have tried it have had significantly positive results – Ryan included (as you obviously saw). The company that produces it has a 30-day money back garuantee too! They’ve recently changed the formula and the newer NV is not seeming to work as well as the original. Only a few of us distributors are able to get our hands on the original so if you choose to try it for your son, make sure and order through a distributor that can still get you the ORIGINAL NV and not the new line called “NV Achieve.” A couple of things about NV that I think are making such an impact on the kids is that it has the completel amino acid profile from whole foods, all the nutrients/vitamins they need and of course the whey protein, but I think it’s the botanicals combined with the other good stuff that really is helping some of our kiddos. The botanicals have some really powerful properties (anti-inflammatories, aides in digestion, regulates blood sugar, helps rid the body of toxins, just to name a few). Ryan even went through a week or two of what I called detox when we started it! Also, I think it actually somehow got in there and helped heal something in Ryan. We did not skip a dose for an entire year for fear of regression. For a long time, if we even missed fish oils for more than a day or so we’d see massive regressions in Ryan, but now it seems things are evened out. We can do a few days without fish oils and not see hiccups. We can even go a few months without NV and not see hiccups. It’s pretty cool and something not possible before NV. I seriously think it is the single biggest factor in his progress and it also provided the quickest, most noticeable improvements in so many areas for him. It’s as if it helped him clear things out internally and neurologically so that the therapy had a bigger impact too.

      I ALWAYS recommend this to anyone who will listen. Happy to help you with an order, but if you choose to order elsewhere just make sure they are giving you the original NV. Best of luck and keep me posted on your son’s progress. I know how it feels to make progress SO SLOW, but still ahve the hope that you are making progress. I also know the heartache of knowing your child is smart – probably smarter than the average kid – but is essentially trapped inside himself. That and the social aspect of life for our kids literally ate me up for a long time. You’ll get over that hump and things will be better!

      Again, all the best and feel free to reach out any time if you want some info or just need to vent 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for the reply, sorry it’s taken me a while to realize you had wrote back. Ryan’s story gives me alot of hope for Hunter. He is still progressing nicely. Speaking in 3 and 4 word phrases often. He is not fully conversational though and his intelligibility is at less than 50% to people that do not know “Hunter language” so I am definitely wanting to give Nutriiveda a try. Hopefully, I can get my skeptical husband on board as well. lol. Is pursuit of research where you suggest buying from?

  5. svraciu says:

    Hey Amanda.

    No worries, I’m glad to hear Hunter is progressing and believe me, I totally get the phrase “Hunter language” – b/c Ryan had his own for so long too 🙂

    I would seriously give NV a try. My husband was the same – very skeptical. he was skeptical of fish oils, but with tons of articles, talking his head off and constant discussion he finally agreed to try them and was glad he did. Same process happened for NV and I know he is a supporter of it now too. I work with Lisa Geng (Founder/Pres of Cherab Foundation and the pursuit of research group) – I am on her NV selling team and am a distributor as well. So, if you and your husband decide to give it a try, I can help you place your order personally. You can go through my site ( or call me personally (just email me if you’re interested – Or you can go through the pursuit site as well. Both my site and Lisa’s pursuit site do not mark up the product AT ALL – it is sold at wholesale pricing and both sites donate portion of the proceeds to the Cherab Foundations research efforts for children with communication disorders. If you do choose to order, I would certainly try to order from one of these two sites most importantly because the company came out with a new version of NV called NV Achieve. It has a little bit different formulation and based on my conversations with Lisa, it is not showing as big of a response in kids like ours as the original NV did. You can imagine the uproar for those of us families who’ve seen such dramatic improvement in our kids. So Lisa has worked with the manufacturers of NV to ensure that the original is available for families like ours. Because of this, most NV distributors can’t get the original NV any more – only Lisa, me and a handful of others. So whoever you order from just ensure they can get you the ORIGINAL NV and not the new NV Achieve.

    Best of luck and feel free to reach out for anything else you need! I’ll do my best to help however I can.


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