I can’t believe it can be this easy.  I just can’t.  Just goes to show you that simple nutrition can really go a long way these days, and especially for our kids!

We recently started a supplement that has made BY FAR the most significant impact in Ryan.  And, it’s been reported to be helping those with autism, apraxia, ADHD, seizures, TBI and other conditions within days of use.  Changes in Ryan showed up (all positive!) in the following areas:

  • speech
  • articulation
  • fine motor skills
  • bowels (finally he’s not constipated for the first time in a year!)
  • eczema:  has not shown up since we started Nutriiveda
  • Attitude/temperament – THIS IS HUGE!
  • speech therapy:  he’s made huge strides here since starting Nutriiveda
  • Sensory:  We stopped OT and he’s great!
  • Oral awareness
  • Sleeping habits – finally normal.

I know is sounds like a cheesy infomercial, and I often admit that I sound like a greasy, used-car salesman when I talk about this product…but this is the real deal.  I’m so excited about it!  Here’s the scoop:


Nutriiveda is a 100% all-natural supplement that you mix with your child’s milk, juice, food, etc.  (it’s a type of powder – like a protein shake powder)  Here’s more:

  • each ingredient is 100 % certified food, tested free of any heavy metals, pesticides or herbicides.
  • It’s nutrient-rich FROM WHOLE FOODS (nothing chemically altered or synthetic!), which means it could replace many other daily multi-vitamins.  Since it’s a whole food source, it gets absorbed by the body better than the synthetic ones too!
  • It’s gluten, casein, fat, caffeine and sodium free.
  • Contains the most premium quality protein and ALL the essential amino acids, which is extremely difficult to find.
  • Contains essential nutrients reported to help stabilize the metabolism, provide sustained energy and focus throughout the day.
  • Contains a synergistic blend of 7 botanicals/herbs that help the body absorb these great nutrients/amino acids/etc much better at a cellular level so they are more available for the body to use.  These botanicals also have powerful properties that aid the body in digestion, metabolism, sugar management, immunology, cognitive function, and removing inflammation from system.
  • Helps to rid the body of excess toxins and fat. Because it is so nutrient dense, it can also be used to help nourish the body and build muscle.

This is probably one of the healthiest things you could give your child.  Ryan was so picky we could rarely, if ever, get anything of substance into him.  So, at the least, I looked at this product as a way to give him something with good nutrition.  I knew if I could get him to take his Nutriiveda each day, he’d be getting all he needed in terms of vitamins/nutrients/essential amino acids.  The perks beyond simple good nutrition were, and still are astounding for us and so many others.

I’ve got a ton more information on this and would love to share it with you if you’re interested.  You can check it out at– the testimonials on this site are all from parents in the Cherab Foundation group that I belong to.  Or, feel free to contact me at to learn more.

Please note, if you are considering ordering NutriiVeda please ensure you are ordering the ORIGINAL formulation.  They made some minor changes to the ingredients about a year ago, but we found that the newer version didn’t have the same powerful results as the original.  Fortunately, the makers of NutriiVeda agreed to continue to make the ORIGINAL NutriiVeda available to only those of us associated with The Cherab Foundation distributor team.  No other distributors are able to get it.  Therefore, ensure that the distributor you’re working with can get the ORIGINAL formulation.  Or, if you choose to order from the site mentioned above you can use my sponsor ID#  (3075029) as the distributor when it prompts you to fill in that information.  I decided to become a distributor solely to ensure I could get those I was connected with the Original version of NutriiVeda moving forward. 

13 Responses to NUTRIIVEDA

  1. Debbie Sandher says:

    I am very much interested in this product. Can you please send me more details and how to order it.

    • svraciu says:

      Hey Debbie – just responded via email. If you’re interested in natural remedies that’ve worked for us, you might also check out a new page I’m in process of adding to this blog – “Metabolic Connection?” – it’s a long post, but has some good information regarding nutritional therapies (in addition to NV).

  2. Jennifer Spokas says:

    how much does this NV cost?

    • svraciu says:

      Hi jennifer.

      It costs $40 per canister. YOu can check out all the info about dosage, etc on – and order from that site too. It’s shipped direct to your house and you can do it with a 30 day-money back garauntee. It’s totally risk free. We just moved from OH to CO and I’ve had 4 docs in OH approve it for my 2 (now 3) yr old son, and now that we’re in CO I’ve recently had 2 more docs approve it. It’s the #1 thing we’ve tried for our little guy. What’s so great is that usually, even with fish oils, if I remove a “therapy” that’s worked well for Ryan, he regresses. Fish oils, speech therapy, even dietary changes – it’s wierd. but, He’s been on NV for almost a year and I removed both fish oils and NV during our move to CO (jsut b/c it was so hectic) and he DIDN’T REGRESS for the first time ever. Eventually, I noticed he was a little off attitude and demeanor-wise, and we quickly got him back on his dosages, but NO SPEECH REGRESSION for the firs time. I truly believe NV has helped heal something within him – whether brain or metabolically – it has made a significant difference for him.

      Happy to talk more offline if you wish.

  3. Nicole Lechowicz says:

    Hi! What a great site! Graham, my son, is going to be 5 in January 2014 and we still struggle to understand what he is trying to communicate. Its absolutely heartbreaking. I’m going to order the NV now, but I’m wondering HOW MUCH do you give the kids with Apraxia?

    Thank so much for your time in doing this page. I look forward to the results I have high hope will help these children (and families)

  4. Nicole Lechowicz says:

    The site is shut down :(

    • svraciu says:

      Hey Nicole.

      The site has changed and I need to update my website! Just go to

      When you click on the link to purchase NV, you have to have a distributor ID or name to place the order. You can just put my name Sharon Vraciu and it will place the order fine. So excited for your son Graham to try NV – it was such a game-changer for us and so many others. Happy to answer any questions you may have so feel free to reach out. I plan on adding video footage of the latest with my son (THIS WEEKEND!) He is 6 and just started 1st grade – it will show you the leaps and bounds made since the last footage.

      Best of luck!

  5. Brittany Anderson says:

    I am very interested in ordering the product for my son but it is requiring an ID?

    • svraciu says:

      Hi Brittany!

      YOu can just use my name for the ID “Sharon Vraciu” or try my ID # 3075029. If it doesn’t work, let me know. Someone had trouble with it on that site a few days ago and we’re trying to get it fixed.


  6. Brandy says:

    Hello, first off thanks for making this blog. I just started my son on the fish oil yesterday. He is 27 months old and we r doing 2 times a week speech therapy. I feel like this diagnose has consumed me. I’m very curious about this and the prompt therapy. Is this a meal replacement or just added to your regular meals? How long did it take to notice a change with the fish oil?

    Thanks so much for your time and info!

    • svraciu says:

      Hi Brandy!

      I was totally consumed at first too. Well – for a while, but eventually things get better. As for the fish oils, I think it took a few weeks before we saw results. From what I understand, if the body’s Fatty Acid reserves are depleted, it can take some time to build them up to appropriate levels and maintain them. I can’t remember the exact number of days, but I know it didn’t take a full month. As well, when we removed the fish oils, it only took about a week for him to show regression. That remains true TO THIS DAY and he is now 6. If we skip fish oils for more than a week, his speech is fine, but he is cranky, struggles to focus and follow direction and cries at the drop of the hat. He just LOOKS exhausted. So interesting isn’t it?

      As for NV, it was intended to be a weight management tool so you could replace a meal (if you were an adult wanting to lose weight), or add it to the diet if you’re not trying to lose weight. In a child I would ALWAYS add it to the normal diet, as we did with Ryan, and I believe that is the official reco of the makers of NV. We made smoothies out of it, but many people sprinkle it into ketchup, mix it into Peanut butter on a PBJ sandwich, etc. The only no-no is cooking with it- it can’t be heated at high temps. You could add it to a luke warm cup of hot chocolate, but you can’t bake it into a cake/cookie.

      As for PROMPT, definitely check into it. It’s not the only technique that is used for apraxic children, there are many. But it should definitely be ONE of the techniques incorporated into the speech therapy routine. It’s worth checking out and learning more. Try to find someone in your area through the links I provided on my site.

      If you have any more questions please feel free to call or email any time.


  7. Nicole says:

    I’m in Australia. Just wondering of it is possible to be shipped to Australia?

    • svraciu says:

      Hi Nicole.

      I have many people order from all over the world. While NV doesn’t ship everywhere – fortunately they do direct ship to Australia so you’re in luck! Best of luck and let me know if I can be of any further help!

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