PROMPT Therapy

P.R.O.M.P.T. Therapy is a speech/language therapy method that has done wonders for Ryan.  It is a language-based technique that provides tactile cues to the lips, tongue and jaw to essentially help the patient feel what “correct” placement feels like with each sound, in each word.  Ryan has no awareness of his tongue, so to simply tell him what to do with it means nothing.  Our speech therapist literally places his mouth in the correct position to say, for instance, a “T” or “D” sound – by manipulating his mouth/tongue/jaw from the outside. 

More traditional speech therapy approaches rely on auditory and visual systems to provide information about sound production. PROMPT therapy adds another dimension to the process of learning to talk, which is information provided by the “tactual system”.  Sensory feedback from movements is stored and able to be built upon moving forward.

So, the more we practice with correct placement/sound production, the more Ryan’s muscle motor memory is being built, which makes those movements more automatic in the future.  Let’s be clear though, it can take a while to build up correct motor muscle memory (say that five times fast!) .  And, this is certainly a more aggressive/physical approach to therapy, but once your child gets acclimated, it is a WONDER!  Ryan took to it immediately, thank goodness.

Although this practice was originally known as a treatment option for apraxia patients, it is now widely accepted (and preferred) as a treatment option for many things:

  • Sensory processing/motor planning deficits
  • Verbal apraxia 
  • Dysarthria
  • Low Muscle Tone (non–neurologic diagnosis)
  • Articulation & Phonological Disorders with an underlying motor component
  • And many more!

I am positive this form of speech/language therapy has made a significant impact on Ryan’s recovery and the speed in which he’s learned to speak thus far.  He doesn’t always love going because it’s hard.  And he says it’s hard.  But he also gets, even before he was 3, that it’s helping him communicate.

Somehow, I searched and searched online for hours and never came across this.  It was through personal blogs that I started hearing about it and, once I found more information, I was even more convinced to try it.  Every mother I spoke with said this was one of the #1 therapies used for their child (in regards to speech therapy) – I obviously agree. 

Check it out at  You can enter several zip codes and they’ll send you a list of certified PROMPT instructors in your area.  Make sure to get the MOST certified instructor possible – it makes a difference.

10 Responses to PROMPT Therapy

  1. Tara mckenna says:

    Hello I am looking for a certified prompt speech therapist ithe queens or long island area. Please forward any recommendations. Thank you.

    • svraciu says:

      Hi Tara.

      I’d love to help out but my only personal experience with PROMPT instructors has been in the Cincinnati and Denver areas. You can get a list of all certified PROMPT instructors on the PROMPT institute website. Check out and on the site there’s an option to send in zip codes from your area of interest and they’ll send you back a list of instructors and at what level they are certified.

      best of luck! If there’s anything else I can do to do help please feel free to contact me.

    • Elyse says:

      I highly recommend Faith Katzman at Millennium Children’s Therapy in Huntington, Long Island. You can reach her at(631) 421-4540 or

  2. milleraj21 says:

    Hello there,

    My son is 32 months and has suspected apraxia. Your son’s “before fish oils” video reminds me so much of where we are right now with his speech. He has been in therapy for five months with a speech therapist trained in PROMPT and we have seen progress, but are currently only authorized for one one-hour session per week. I am wondering how many sessions you were doing per week with your son at this point n the process and also how long the sessions were? I feel that one per week is inadequate but have been told by several speech therapists that multiple sessions per week are only warranted in cases of severe apraxia.

    We are also doing the NN ProEFA and I have the NutriVeda but can NOT get my kids to eat it. They gobble up the fish oils but the NutriVeda will not go down without a fight, even with peanut butter, etc.

    Any recommendations regarding a probiotic and NutriVeda recipes would be much appreciated. Thanks so much! Your website is helpful. Angela

    • svraciu says:

      Hello Angela!

      So glad you found our blog! I have been awful at keeping it updated and keep promising to show updated footage of Ryan (who is now 5 and NO ONE knows he has a speech disorder!!!!) Anyway, I have always always been told that for moderate to severe apraxia a child typically needs speech therapy 3-5 days a week. If you read the Late Talker book I mentioned in my blog, Lisa Geng (author) has some great statistics and info to back this up. As for PROMPT, because it is so intensive and physical, they typically don’t do that more than 2x/week at most. So, b/c Ryan was rather mild and responded quickly, we did PROMPT 2x/week – both days were 1 hr sessions. We did this from the moment he started prompt (at around 27mos) for well over a year/year and a half. Then, when he was around 3 1/2 or a tad older, we moved back to 1x/week. We kept that up until close to his 5th birthday. We haven’t had speech therapy since he started Kindergarten in Aug 2012, although I will start refresher courses during the summer months with his therapist, as he still doesn’t have the “r” sound. It’s okay though, b/c most of the kids in his kindy class don’t have it either so the speech therapist wasn’t worried.

      Other families might do 1-2 days/wk of PROMPT, plus 2 or 3 more 30min – 1hr sessions of other types of speech therapy. There are many successful techniques that can be used with your child in Speech (kaufman method, etc) although I will say we saw the BIGGEST improvement with PROMPT. I am sure our therapist weaved in principals from other techniques as well during her time with Ryan.

      About NV, I could NOT get Ryan to take it either. I had to start extremely small doses. I would literally mix 1/8 tsp in with a thick juice/smoothie. I bought Naked Brand and Bolthouse brand smoothies in strong flavors (mango/berry/etc) and if he’d take the 1/8tsp in a, say, 6oz glass of smoothie, I’d do that several times a day. The following week I’d increase it to 1/4 tsp, etc etc. It took me 2 whole weeks to work my way up to a place where I could get 1/2 scoop in his morning smoothie and 1/2 scoop in an afternoon smoothie so he’d get his full scoop for the day.

      My friend, Lisa Geng, (the Late Talker author) has an entire site dedicated to apraxia and specifically to NV. I am sure that is where you ordered from. Check out this link for recipe ideas – most of these have been sent in from moms like me and you who are trying to find creative ways to get NV into our picky little kiddos. Hope it helps!!

      As for a probiotic, I will look around and see if I can find the stuff we used to take with Ryan – I remember it was a decently high grade one, but I cannot find it right at the moment. Once we felt like we got him on the right track and healed a bit, I have just been using Whole Foods chewable (refridgerated) probiotics for ALL of my kids. YOu can get them in the vitamins section – it has a little mini fridge shelving system in the middle of it with yummy tasting probiotics – my kids beg for them.

      Best of luck and feel free to reach out at any time! I know what you must be feeling at this early time in your son’s journey with apraxia, but just know you are on the right track and he will be great. Ryan is doing so wonderful and we couldn’t be more pleased with his progress. 🙂


  3. catrina garcia says:

    Thanks to this 🙂 My son is 5yrs old and still not able to speak any.. he was diagnos autism spectrum and developmental delay and lately both his speech and occupational therapist advised about Apraxia.. And about this PROMPTS.. I’m looking forward for this. Here in Philippines , as per my sons therapist… there is only 2 Prompt certified as of now.. I do hope this will be progressive later on. Goodluck to us 🙂

    • svraciu says:

      Yes! Good luck to you guys! I am so glad you were able to find a PROMPT therapist there! I know there are other types of therapies that also work for children with apraxia, but PROMPT seems to be one that (I think) should always be part of the regimen. Best of luck and keep me posted about your sons progress.

  4. Emely says:

    May I know aside from jerilee casas from the philippines, who is the other certified prompt here in manila?

  5. Are there any speech therapists or other reading material available in Houston, TX ?

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